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BW Reporting

"Extract Pricing Conditions From the R/3 Sales and Distribution Module into BW"

The current BW version does not offer extract structures for SD conditions, therefore there is no straight-forward way to transfer SD pricing conditions to BW for further analysis and reporting. In this article, the author reveals a work-around solution and explains how to extract SD conditions to BW.

"Should I Report in CO-PA or BW?"

You have a choice of three approaches when reporting on CO-PA data: You can report using CO-PA, Business Information Warehouse (BW), or both. In this article, the author compares these reporting options.


"How to Use the SIS Data Warehouse for Management Reporting"

It is so common to see clients developing customized reports to get Sales Bookings information. This approach of developing customized solution is not only inefficient you lose the flexibility of exception reporting. Have you thought about Sales Information System (SIS)? It's a part of standard system with its own drill-down reporting tool. With an example, the author demonstrates how to activate custom-defined SIS structure for management Reporting.

"Tips and Tricks to improve CO-PA Reporting performance"

Published on 'SAPInsiderOnline.com', Editor's Desk of February 2003. CO-PA reporting performance is one of the most crucial aspects of Profitability Analysis. In this article, author has described some of the most important tips and tricks to improve reporting performance.

"Split and Speed up your CO-PA reports"

Reporting performance is one of the most crucial aspects in CO-PA module. There are few options available in SAP to optimize reporting performance. In this paper, author demonstrates one such trick - to "split" CO-PA reports. Seemingly simple, this trick of breaking one big report into many smaller reports can have dramatic performance improvement.

"10 Best Practices for Designing Summarization Levels"

Summarization Levels are one of the most powerful techniques for improving CO-PA performance. However, if not defined properly, these Summarization Levels can be the source of performance degradation. In this article, author has unearthed secrets behind how SAP system determines which Summarization Level to use. Also, author has suggested 10 best practices for optimum summarization levels.

"Speed Up Your Report Performance by Knowing Where Your FI Data Is Hiding"

Often at go-live, reports are written that appear to work very well, and then a year or two later, they run very slowly. The reason might be a misunderstanding about the kinds of tables that FI debit and credit data is hiding in. This article explains why it's important to your report's performance for you to know if a table is transparent, clustered, or pooled.

"What You Should Know About SD Higher-level Item Category's Influence on Financial Reports"

You might think that the item category of a sales document is purely a Sales and Distribution (SD) function. It's true that it primarily controls how the sales item is processed within SD. However, some of the settings have a significant influence on the FI module. In this article, author demonstrates some of the features of SD Item Category and Sales BOM, which can have significant impact on Financials.