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"Plan and Monitor Your Sales Campaigns in the CO-PA Ledger"

Offering discounts is one of the most common business practices to increase the business volume. SD module has rich functionality to handle special prices and discounts. Planning and executing a successful promotion campaign is critical to your business. You want to find out how successful your discount campaign was - whether it was really successful or not. SD module provides something called as 'promotion' and 'sales deals' to group together such conditions. However, did you know that you could transfer these details of 'promotion' and 'sales deals' to CO-PA Ledger too? Did you know that CO-PA Ledger can be used to monitor the performance of these marketing initiatives throughout the cycle of such initiatives - right from budget planning, order Bookings to Invoicing?

"Fast Data Conversions for Functional Analysts with LSMW"

LSMW stands for Legacy System Migration Workbench. As the name suggests, LSMW is used during data conversion and is one of the most powerful tools provided by SAP. One of the common myths among SAP community is that data conversion is handled by technical team members - ABAPers. However, the most important highlights of LSMW is that it is so easy to use that everybody, including functional analysts, can use it! Although, many in SAP community use CATT tool for data upload to SAP, features of LSMW far out-weigh. Easy wizard like step-by-step tasks walk you through the whole process. In this article, author details the features of LSMW and with a business example demonstrates how easy it is to use.

"CO-PA Archiving - Why and How?"

Importance of data archiving cannot be emphasized enough. However, it is an irony that even in companies where archiving is started, many times CO-PA is excluded from the scope. On the other hand, CO-PA should be the first module to get archived. In this article, author explains why CO-PA database grows much faster than you initially thought and how to archive CO-PA data

"For Enhanced System Performance, One SE16 Call is Better than Two"

SE16 is one of the most frequently used transaction codes, but it comes with a lot of overhead in terms of system memory. In this article, the author reveals one of the tricks to reduce the number of SE16 calls.

"Use CATT to Test Your End-to-End Business Processes"

Computer Aided Test Tool (CATT) is SAP's testing tool for testing various SAP transactions. Though using CATT is fairly simple, many companies do not fully exploit the features. In this article, the author demonstrates how CATT can be used to test end-to-end process like Purchase-to-Pay or Order-to-Cash.

"Use TVARV Variables More Effectively To Fasten Month-End Close"

Though use of variants is very common, many in business community just scratch the surface. There is much more to variants than just saving the screen field values. Using variables for variants makes the usage more effective and efficient. Instead of creating a new variant or changing the existing variant each time a field value changes, you can create a variable in table TVARV and assign a variable to field value. These are popularly called as TVARV variables and you can directly manage the variable values using table maintenance. In this article, the author has unearthed hidden secrets of TVARV variables and explained how to leverage these for more efficient use. Also, the author has documented the best practices on managing these TVARV variables to get maximum out of it.

"Canít Get There?: Find the Right Transaction to Display CO Documents"

Sometimes a transaction is not available in the SAP Easy Access Menu, or when you do use the transaction, a cryptic error message results. This type of problem can occur when you try to display CO documents. In this article, the author provides a quick tip to find the right transaction to display the CO documents.

"Enhance User Productivity with a Custom Search Help"

Take advantage of this underused option to add a custom search help without assistance from a programmer or the need for a developer key. Standard SAP provides multiple search helps for customer look-ups but none that allow you to search by, for example, the VAT registration number field. You can easily create such a search help. Custom search helps can increase end-user productivity by simplifying common searches. Often access to transaction codes SE16 and SE17 is restricted because of Sarbanes-Oxley. Adding a search help is a good way to provide ad hoc look-up.

"Tips for Tracking Clearing Transactions"

The author compares the two types of clearing functionality in SAP, clearing with or without posting. In addition, he lists steps that allow you to trace clearing transactions going backward as well as forward.

"Discover Hidden Parameter IDs to Simplify Your FI Settings"

Many users set default values for their FI transactions using transaction FB00 - Accounting Editing Options. However, not all settings for FI/CO transactions are available here. In this article, I'll show you other ways to find and set default values for parameters. I'll also introduce you to some "hidden" parameters.

"Who Changed My Config?"

The author explains how to use the table logging functionality to answer the question, "Who changed my config?" Table logging is a functionality that enables recording of all insertions, deletions, and changes in configuration tables. He says it has proven invaluable in preventing configuration errors from impacting the production systems at his projects.

"Update Was Terminated'ó What Every FI/CO User Should Know About This Error Message"

Have you ever seen the message, Update was terminated, and wondered what it meant? Here's a more worrisome question: Do Your FI users know what to do when they see this message?