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SAP Press, a premier publisher of the technical and strategic books for the SAP community, selects QS&S's detailed Guide-book on 'Achieve IFRS/IAS Segment Reporting in the New G/L' for publication.

Segment Reporting with Document Splitting in the SAP New G/L

New GL offers many new features including Document splitting to meet ‘IAS-14 Segment Reporting’ Requirements. With document splitting, the system splits accounting line items according to specific characteristics. This enables you to create financial statements for entities such as Segments. In this comprehensive guidebook on the document splitting, the author describes in detail on how to activate the document splitting automatically to create Segment reporting real-time. The book describes the background details on IFRS-8 requirements, the document splitting concept in the New G/L and step-by-step instructions to configure the New G/L to achieve balanced reporting.

New G/L



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Click here to Order the book on: Amazon