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GRC (Governance, Risks & Compliance)

"Build Bullet-proof testing strategies to comply with challenging compliance"

Organizations need to design and develop effective testing strategies to comply with Sarbanes-Oxley and industry-specific requirements. These testing strategies and methodologies need to cover both normal day-to-day maintenance of business scenarios and major initiatives such as upgrades, fresh implementations, and more. See how to build and follow a five-phase plan to perform testing on your system and ensure compliance.

"How Can Enhancement Packages Help Compliance?"

In this article, the author describes the new ways that SAP distributes updates to your system, and how you can use them to cut down on testing and resource use

"Toggle Variant Protection Settings to Allow or Prevent Unauthorized Changes"

Report variants let you save field values for a report or a program so you donít have to re-enter the values while executing the report. You can create multiple variants to save different values for the report and when you execute the report, you can choose a specific variant. By default, anyone can modify the variants you create. However, sometimes you may not want the variants to be modified by others - you might want to protect the variants from being changed. Protecting these variants prevent from unauthorized changes.

"Manage User Favorites innovatively to improve the end-user productivity"

Similar to storing your most frequently used web-sites as favorites, SAP also allows you to store transactions as user favorites. In this article, the author describes 6 innovative ways to leverage user favorites to improve the end-user productivity.