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Challenging business dynamics require special tools and techniques. SDRO is the solution to meet some of the most challenging business situations.

SDRO offers comprehensive and sophisticated System Landscape Optimization (SLO) type conversion Solutions

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Sample Re-organization Scenarios

Chart-of-Accounts Extension

Customer went live with a 4 digit chart of accounts (length of G/L account number) and now financial reporting is restricted and they want to move to an 8 digit chart of accounts. This maybe a requirement for IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) change-over or New G/L migration.


Chart-of-Accounts Rationalization

Customer went live with different charts of accounts per company code making consolidation difficult and now want to standardize on a single global chart of accounts. The tool rationalizes multiple Chart-of-Accounts into a single global Chart-of-Accounts.


Group Currency Activation & Conversion

Customers, who did not activate Group Currency (GC) for company codes when they went live and now have issues with consolidated financial statements and cannot get the required reporting without GC being active. The SDRO tool activates the parallel group currencies in the live SAP system and also converts all the historical transactions, as if GC was active from day one.


Local/Functional Currency Activation/Conversion

Customer wants to change the Local Currency (LC) to meet the Functional Currency Reporting requirements. The SDRO tool changes the Local Currency (LC) as well as the underlying FI transactions.


Fiscal Calendar Conversion

Customer who want to change their Fiscal calendar. Some of the examples -- (i) want to change from Jan-Dec to Non-calendar year (Oct-Sep, Jul-Jun etc.) (ii) want to align with the corporate Fiscal calendar.


Fiscal Year/Period Conversion

Customers who used Shortened Fiscal Calendar to align the fiscal calendars end up using the next number and therefore the fiscal year in the system are not same as the actual accounting year. Fiscal Year conversion usually involves converting the Fiscal year numbers throughout the system so that the Fiscal year in the system is aligned with the accounting year.


Profit Center Re-organization

Especially in the NEw G/L environment, re-structuring the Profit Centers is challenging. Profit Center Re-organization toolset offers smooth and controlled approach to manage the Re-organization. Re-organization includes simple definition of change and manages the conversion of Master and corresponding Application data including open objects (open sales orders, open purchase orders, open production orders and more).


Depreciation Area Changes

Customer wants to swap the Depreciation Areas to meet the IFRS requirements for leading and non-leading ledgers scenarios. The SDRO tool changes the depreciation values to reflect the valuations.


Controlling Area Merge

Customer's initial CO configuration was one controlling area per company code and now realize they need one consolidated controlling area to better report inter-company financial transactions. The tool helps transition to a single Controlling Area with the historical financial transactions reflecting the single Controlling Area.


Organization Split/Merge

Customer who is spinning off a division as a separate legal entity and wants to have the SAP data split off to a new system. The SDRO tool offers flexible re-organization options to manage the business dynamics so that the financials data is merged or removed or combined.


Valuation & Transfer Pricing Activation

For many customers activation of Transfer Pricing happens after go-live. The configuration will call for either group or profit center valuation of materials, at go-live these valuation types would not have been activated in General Ledger, Controlling, Profit Center Accounting or Material Ledger. For a comprehensive transfer pricing solution using SAP standard functionality the additional valuation types will have to be activated in existing modules with the population of historic data. The SDRO tool activates the parallel valuations in the live SAP system and converts the historical transactions, as if the valuation was active from day one.


Other Conversion Scenarios

  • Chart of Accounts (COA) Rationalization
  • Renaming the Company Code Key
  • Customer Numbers conversion
  • Vendor Numbers conversion
  • Depreciation Areas conversion
  • Material Numbers conversion
  • Batch Management Conversion
  • Group Currency Conversion
  • Parallel Currencies Conversion
  • Company Codes Re-organization
  • Controlling Areas Re-organizations
  • Plant Codes Harmonization
  • Renaming Currency Codes to ISO Codes
  • Cost Center / Profit center standardization
  • Sales / Purchasing Organization changes
  • Product Hierarchies conversion
  • many more…


    Data Objects That are Re-organized

  • Master data, e.g. GL accounts, customers, vendors and materials
  • Transaction data, e.g. FI docs, sales orders, material movements, etc.
  • Configuration data, e.g. posting keys, account determination, settlement rules, etc.
  • Data in custom tables
  • Variants for standard and custom programs
  • Data Sets
  • Change logs and change history
  • Custom programs, detection of hard coded logic which is impacted by the reorganization
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