System Data Re-organization Optimizer (SDRO)

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QS&S Solutions Highlights


  • Self-developed structured methodology for the conversion process, which has been developed by experience and tested over multiple conversions
  • Phased methodology with step-by-step guide to manage the whole conversion cycle
  • The methodology offers extensive analysis and validations functions for managing the scope and impact functional applications usage and technical tables usage
  • Offers very granular level Audit and Validations controls to assure the consistency and integrity of SAP data before and after the conversion
  • Offers flexible mapping options to manage the data to meet dynamic and changing requirements
  • Extensive and robust technical features to manage extremely large amount of data, with options to split the jobs, create system recovery points, simulations and optimal performance
  • Offers options to manage business impact Minimum downtime and minimum resources
  • In-built project management tools for managing critical initiative Dashboard, Step-by-step guide, Traffic-light status, Detailed tasks/activities/sub-activities, Documentations and more
  • Little project effort needed because of extensive object libraries
  • Tools for the verification of system consistency
  • System wide consistency & based on domains
  • Able to resume processing after disruptions and system errors
  • Detailed conversion statistics
  • Migration without release borders / Unicode capability

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