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QS&S now offers portfolio of products to cater to specific business initiatives.

QS&S is proud to announce general release of our products. This portfolio of products jump start the initiatives, accelerate the implementations, offer productiviy improvements, provide the best practice solutions and more.

Some of the products/applications we now offer are:

Product Business Benefits
SAP Data Re-organization Optimizer (SDRO)

Extensive solutions to manage complex data re-organization, conversion and harmonization of SAP data, including conversion of historical data in live production environment

General Ledger Migration Optimizer (GLMO) Application to jumpstart the New G/L initiative, reducing significant time and costs
Master Data Approval Flow Controlled Master Data (Customers, Vendors, Materials and more) Maintenance, with proposed draft changes and multi-tiered approvals from appropriate functions/departments
Group Currency Activation & Conversion Activating the Parallel Group Currencies & Converting historical transactional data
Credit Control Cockpit Centralized Management of Credit Control function
COGS-Reclass Cockpit Re-classification of Cost-of-Goods-Sold per cost components