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"SAP Data Re-organization Optimizer - SDRO” – our sophisticated product allows organizations to re-organize, re-structure and harmonize their SAP data.

SDRO offers comprehensive and sophisticated System Landscape Optimization (SLO) type conversion Solutions

  • Are you in the process of reorganizing your organizational data?
  • Are you planning to extend your G/L accounts from 4-6 digits?
  • Are the changes caused by divestitures, acquisitions and/or mergers?
  • Are you striving towards uniform organizational units?
  • Are you planning for rationalization of SAP data, such as Chart-of-Accounts, Plants, and Hierarchies?
  • Are you planning to implement centralized master data management (MDM)?
  • If you find yourself in one of the scenarios above, then you need to:

    Use QS&S’s SDRO solution workbench to optimize your SAP systems.


    Business Dynamics

    Special Business challenges require special solutions

    The System Landscape Optimization services are SAP’s answer to the increasing need for implementing major changes to productive SAP Solutions.

    They are designed to ease and fully leverage customers’ business driven change by effectively aligning system landscapes.

    Business-driven changes such as mergers, the restructuring of business organizations, the alignment of best-of-industry business processes and the reduction of IT-complexity can become necessary

  • Reducing the system complexity by streamlining and standardizing IT and ERP systems.
  • Harmonizing master data and minimizing redundant data
  • Automating data migration between the systems involved
  • Consolidation of the SAP infrastructure (server, operating systems, databases) and technology (NetWeaver)
  • Adapting the SAP operational aspects in terms of performance, high availability and scalability
  • Internationally available shared service models for support and operation

    QS&S SDRO Service Offerings

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    Please download our SDRO offerings or please contact us to learn more about our SDRO offerings.