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QS&S is widely acknowledged in the industry as leading SAP Financials experts. QS&S now offers comprehensive consulting services for New G/L (SAP General Ledger), including Implementation, Migration and IFRS planning.


QS&S New G/L Strenghts

  • Established SAP Financials experts in the industry
  • Leading New G/L / IFRS experts in the industry
  • SAP-Press book on New G/L Segment Reporting,
  • Managing many New G/L and Financials projects
  • Successfully managing one of the most complex New G/L Migration projects
  • Multiple New G/L white-papers published in SAP Financials Expert (published by SAP & WIS)
  • Many New G/L sessions presented at SAP conferences
  • One of the leading consulting firms working with SAP AG / Americas for New G/L Migration services



New G/L Expertise

  • QS&S is one of the very few SAP consulting firms with New G/L expertise

New G/L Migration

  • One of the leading consulting firms working with SAP AG and SAP Americas on Migration initiatives

New G/L Projects

  • Managed New G/L Migration projects
  • Managed New G/L Implementation projects

New G/L Publications

  • New G/L book by SAP-Press ‘Segment Reporting using Document splitting in the New G/L’
  • Published many New G/L papers in leading SAP journals & publications

New G/L Presentations

  • Presented New G/L presentations at SAP conferences


QS&S New G/L Services - Benefits & Highlights

  • Phased methodology for managing New G/L Implementation / Migration with step-by-step guidance
  • Mature, revision-secure procedure to migrate and convert big amounts of data
  • Minimal system downtime
  • Migration and conversion of complete data sets
  • Little project effort needed because of extensive object libraries
  • Tools for the verification of system & data consistency
  • Self-developed tools for the implementation of technical objects n Extensive analysis functions
  • Application package with predefined business objects
  • Library of accelerators – pre-configured applications
  • Best practices for migration and implementation projects


Please download our New G/L offerings or please contact us to learn more about our New G/L offerings.


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