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New G/L Migration

New General Ledger offers quite a number of new reporting functionalities

Numerous business source and target scenarios for migration from Classic to new General Ledger

Unique/individual customer situation

Experience showed that the various source and target scenarios require additional measures regarding safety of migration project

Accounting is a sensitive area (various accounting principles), therefore data integrity is essential

The migration performs fundamental changes on the database


QS&S's Unique Approach to New G/L Migration

Based on our extensive experience managing multiple Financials projects, especially with New G/L Migration, we have devised a Unique approach to New G/L Migration.

Our Unique approach offers signficant benefits:

  • Reduced downtime
  • Smooth/safe transition
  • Significantly reduced business risks
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    SAP Migration Service


    To achieve a high degree of safety in the migration projects, SAP provides a required support service to assist the migration project Provide scenario-based migration functionality and guidance combined with service sessions to check data consistency

    Scenario Description
    1 Merge of FI Ledger Merging of Classic G/L, consolidation preparation ledger and cost-of-sales ledger
    2 Merge of FI, PCA and/or SL Ledger Scenario 1 and additional merging of PCA and SPL
    3 Scenario 2 + Document Splitting Scenario 2, plus document splitting by, for example, profit center
    4 Scenario 2 + Change from account solution to ledger solution for parallel accounting Switch from parallel accounting by parallel account to parallel ledger
    5 Scenario 3 + Change from account solution to ledger solution for parallel accounting Scenario 3, plus switch from parallel accounts solution in the classic G/L to parallel ledgers solution in the New G/L

    Subsequent implementation of document splitting

    New G/L has been activated without document splitting and now it has to be implemented subsequently

    Subsequent implementation of a further ledger

    Extend an existing new G/L by a further non-leading ledger. Introduction of a non-leading ledger while no parallel accounting was in use before

    Subsequent change from account solution to ledger solution

    Implementation of Ledger solution in new G/L for parallel accounting and replacement of existing account solution


    Note that SAP continually comes up with additional scenarios..



    Please download our New G/L offerings or please contact us to learn more about our New G/L offerings.


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