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QS&S now provides comprehensive services for S/4 migration initiatives. QS&S is well-know Migration experts in the industry and we bring our own tool-set and methodlogy to manage such migration projects (aka Brown-field conversions).

With QS&S's Migration Tools and Ready-made Template-based approach, we are able to acclerate the S/4HANA Migrations and now offer Fixed-Fees services.

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S/4HANA Migration Services

  • S/4HANA Migration
  • Migration from Classic G/L or New G/L
  • Migration System Preparation
  • Executing multiple test migrations
  • Migration week-end planning
  • Migration cockpit Execution


S/4 Migration Optimizer(S4MO)

S/4 Migration Optimizer (S4MO) allows organizations to accelerate & jumpstart their S/4 HANA initiatives.

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Effective Execution of S/4 Project

QS&S achieves effective and efficient execution of the S/4HANA projects with the most optimal utilization of SAP expertise of Implementation and 'Thought' leadership.

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  • S/4HANA Assessment
  • Roadmap planning
  • S/4HANA Functions & Features
  • Scope analysis
  • Resource estimation
  • Develop business case
  • Develop project plan and timeline
  • Migration strategies


  • Reporting Requirements
  • Initial configuration
  • Simple Finance
  • Simple Logistics
  • Prototype
  • Migration planning


  • Configuration
  • Build prototype solution
  • Project documentations-configuration documents, functional specifications for customization, test scripts/test scenarios, test plans etc.
  • Migration cockpit
  • Build system landscape for testing


  • Integration & UAT Test cycles
  • Execute migration cockpit
  • Preparation of BPPs and other training documents and provide end users’ training


  • Migrate to S/4HANA
  • Assist in validation of migrated data and sign off
  • Plan for post go-live support


  • Post go-live support
  • Maintenance of Business
  • Preparation of training manuals
  • Lessons learned
  • Prepare “How-to” guides

Please download our S4 Assessment & Roadmap Approach or please contact us to learn more about our S/4HANA offerings.



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