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Credit Control Cockpit

The standard SAP provides various transaction codes to perform different credit-related functions. These different functions, such as reviewing the customer credit limits, changing the credit limits, reviewing the payment patterns, analyzing the open orders or deliveries, reviewing the potential credit exposure and more.

Credit Control Cockpit offers a single touch point to manage all credit related functions. Instead of scattered functions across different transaction codes, the Credit Control Cockpit offers a single touch-point tool to give the overall summarized credit picture as well as detailed analysis.

Credit Control Cockpit

Some of the features offered are

  • Single touch-point for managing all credit-related functions
  • Customer General information (Name, Address)
  • Customer Credit information (Risk category, Credit Groupings)
  • Customer Financials information
  • Customer Credit Summary (Limits, Receivables, Open Documents)
  • Exposure Summary (Credit Limit used, Orders on Hold, What-If Exposure
  • Customer A/R Aging summary
  • Blocked Orders - detailed analysis
  • Open documents - detailed analysis
  • A/R Aging - detailed analysis

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