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Case Studies

We have successfully completed many consulting assignments in the variety of industries.

Following are some of the strategic projects we have delivered - these represent some of the most complex & challenging initiative and provided the most business value to our customers. These are in addition to typical implementation, upgrade and support initiatives.

Write to us at if you are facing similar business challenges and would like to know how QS&S provide the business startegies and technical solutions.

  • System Migration - System Consolidation, Migration & Conversion
  • Chart-of-Accounts Rationalization & Conversion
  • Group Currency Activation & Conversion 1
  • Group Currency Activation & Conversion 2
  • New G/L Migration
  • New G/L Implementation
  • Dual CO-PA - Profitability Analysis: Costing-based & Account-based
  • CO-PA Implementation for Profitability Analysis
  • CO-PA Overhaul - Significant Enhancements to CO-PA functionality
  • Order-To-Cash (OTC) Project - OTC initiative with complex requirements
  • Data Archiving, Archiving Strategies, Plans and Execution Procedures
  • HR & Payroll, Personnel Administration, Organizational Management, Payroll
  • SAP Country Version, Regulatory and Compliance Requirements
  • Revenue Recognition
  • Maquiladora program, Tax Planning Program between US and Mexico
  • Tax Strategies - Best practices for implementing in SAP
  • Tax Strategies for EU Commissionaire
  • Segregation of Duties(SOD) and Controls monitoring
  • Security Automation
  • Finance Transformation - Chart of Accounts Rationalization
  • Group Currency Conversion - SLO-Type Toolset
  • Material Ledger Conversion
  • R2 De-commissioning, De-install R2 system and significantly save the maintenance costs
  • User-Exits Optimization, Manage the User-exits, Enhancements & Customization
  • SAP System Design Review (SDR)
  • SAP Roadmap planning and strategies
  • Speed up Programs & Reports, Significantly improve system performance
  • Prototype Building and Demonstration
  • Industry Solutions (IS-U) Implementations and Upgrades (ISU CCS CS)
  • Testing Strategies and Execution plans
  • Training Strategies and Delivery plans
  • many more...