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Warm Greetings and Happy New Year - 2009! Welcome to the current issue of our very popular Newsletter!

We hope you have a pleasant break over the Holiday Season and are ready to tackle key business issues in the New Year. We are looking forward to exciting 2009.

Recent Publication

Recently Mitresh Kundalia, Director - SAP Practice, had a Quick Tip article published in the leading SAP publication, SAP Financials Expert, published by WIS.

Download complimentary copy of the white paper Manage User Favorites to Improve End-User Productivity

Manage User Favorites to Improve End-User Productivity
Like the favorites on the web, SAP also offers Favorites. Simple idea is, instead of browsing through hundreds of transactions in the standard SAP menus, users can create their own Favorites menu. However, you can do much more than just storing the favorites – in the paper, the author describes some not so well-known Favorites features with real-world examples, which can improve the End-User productivity significantly. Some of the key features are – using folders / subfolders, using upload/download, managing transactions and other favorites, favorites to manage functions and roles and more.

'More for Less' program

QS&S now offers ‘More for Less’ program to Reduce Costs Not Quality.

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