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Audit Controls & Business Validations, QS&S's proprietary product-suite, offers Systematic/Automatic approach to Validations, Consistency Validations and Audit Checks


Problem Statement

As a part of most of the IT project initiatives, the project teams are tasked to “validate” that the system is going to function “as expected". Typically, the requirement is to make sure that the initiative introduces only the changes which are intended and no other unintended bugs/problems are introduced. For example, team would like to make sure that due to a “New G/L Migration” project, only the New G/L data is added (‘positive’ tests) and the historical Financials are not changed (‘negative' tests)

Typical Approach

Typically, on most of such initiatives, the project team, will execute some sample reports/transactions “BEFORE” and execute the same sets of reports/transactions “AFTER”.

The “BEFORE” and “AFTER” (or “PRE” and “POST”) comparison allows the team to validate that no unintended problems/issues are introduced



These validation steps are “manual” in nature and require large amount of manual hours

Considering the wide scope of SAP modules/sub-modules, the validation process becomes a herculean task

Validation steps/tasks must be manually repeated for many similar initiatives


Audit Controls & Business Validations

Audit Controls and Business Validations, proprietary product-suite, offers Systematic/Automatic approach to Validations, Consistency Validations and Audit Checks

Audit Controls and Business Validations tool automates the whole process

The tool executes these checks/controls “BEFORE (PRE)” and exactly the same checks/controls are executed “AFTER (POST)”.

The “PRE” – “POST” report provides quick summary of what exactly has changed

The tool compares and provides visual summary (“Green” / “Red” lights)

“Green” light reflects that there is no change (“negative” tests)

“Red” light reflects a change (“positive” tests)

The Audit Controls and Business Validations has a collection of more than 200 checks/ controls

These checks/controls are in-built in the tool and also additional checks/controls can be easily added

These checks/controls can be executed repeatedly over multiple tests during the same project OR over multiple projects


Audit Controls & Business Validations - Features

  • Phased methodology for managing whole cycle with step-by-step guidance
  • Mature, revision-secure procedure to migrate and convert big amounts of data
  • Minimal system downtime
  • Migration and conversion of complete data sets, including historical data
  • Little project effort needed because of extensive object libraries
  • Tools for the verification of system consistency
  • Self-developed tool for the technical implementation of Conversion projects
  • Extensive analysis functions for the different services
  • Application package with predefined business objects
  • System wide consistency & based on domains
  • Able to resume processing after disruptions and system errors
  • Logging of conversion/migration runs
  • Migration without release borders / Unicode capability
  • Account Balances (Trial Balance) for legal entities (ALL currencies)
  • “Drill-down” by any data-object ( up to 20 fields)
  • Any Balances – for example, Balances “by” CCode “by” Profit Center “by” Account
  • Customer Balances , Vendor Balances, Open Items Balances
  • Reconciliation between sub-ledgers to G/L (A/R <-> G/L, A/P <-> G/L, A/A <-> G/L)
  • Material Ledger Balances by Valuation Areas
  • Totals of Open Items matching the G/L Balances
  • Ex-rate calculations - Ratio of LC2 over LC1, Ration of LC3 over LC1, Ration of LC3 over LC2, Ratio of LC1 over TC (to confirm the calculations)
  • Configuration/Activation checks (for example, “New G/L Activation indicators”)
  • Duplicate Invoice Checks
  • No of Records G/L Accounts (A-segment, B-segment)
  • No of FI Documents, No of Open Items, No of customers/vendors and more
  • SD module checks – for Orders, Deliveries, Billing and more
  • MM module checks – for Requisitions, Purchase Orders, History and more

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